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  • Mariann Lam Gor

Why people are moving into senior living during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Amid the Corona Virus pandemic, more people are moving into senior assisted living, but why?

Frankly, the senior population continues to grow, and they need places to live. Those who were considering making the move into assisted living prior to the coronavirus outbreak have likely postponed their decision. Even those who have not begun the process are now exploring alternatives, such as assisted living, but in a smaller home-like setting with more attentive care.

Interruptions to a senior’s life, such as a traumatic event or a change in their regular support system can be particularly challenging for the senior and their loved ones. Thus, assisted living provides a more supportive and potentially safer option than staying in their current home. Safely getting food, supplies, healthcare, and connection to the outside world can be a real concern. Even when services are provided, ongoing contact with outside sources can put a senior at greater risk of exposure. Assisted living communities offer a lifeline for those seniors who are experiencing isolation and inadequate support. Seniors are moving in to benefit from a secure and clean environment, healthy home cooked food, care when they need it, and a supportive community with engaged activity.

At GFCH, protective measures are strictly implemented to ensure the safety of our residents and staff in the community. We welcome new residents once they have cleared our thorough screening process, in accordance with guidelines issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local health agencies.

A proactive community with intense cleaning and disinfecting procedures offers additional security and social interaction:

  • Groceries will be delivered weekly and disinfected upon receipt.

  • Medications will be delivered and disinfected upon arrival.

  • Trained nurses and caregivers help manage and monitor care.

  • In-staff coordinators organize games, exercise classes, activities in small groups, and other creative events to keep residents engaged.

Engaged living within a safe and caring environment gives GFCH residents and their families a peace of mind – because “home is where the heart is.”

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