My mom has been at Gracefully Found since February 13th and she is receiving the best care I could have imagined. The home is beautiful, warm and cozy, and super clean. She gets highly personalized care and loving attention. Mariann and Peter have created a wonderful care home. My mom has felt more at home there, hands down, than in any of the large facilities she has tried over the past 3 years. There Really is no comparison because of the excellent care she is receiving, the degree to which she gets to know and be comfortable with the staff, and engage in meaningful, shared activities. Gracefully Found is a God send. I highly recommend them and easily give them a five star rating! For those of you out there searching for a place for your mom, go see it for yourself to believe it!

- Joy, daughter

Your home for the elderly is probably the best in Houston because it's super clean, you are an expert and because you care.

- Anonymous

When I think about Gracefully Found Care Home, the following lyrics come to mind: "Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place " When we first visited this home and met the owners, we knew right away this would be Mom's final home. This place truly is a home filled with love. The caregivers treat all the residents with such dignity and compassion. Mom is thriving here. We've told her she's found the fountain of youth. Her daily smiles and laughter warm our hearts. It's so comforting to know our Mom is in such good hands. There is no doubt in our minds that God has blessed this home. Thank you.

- Laura, daughter

I can’t believe how lucky we were to find this place for our mother’s final days. Our mother had terminal cancer and we were no longer able to care for her at home. We first tried a large facility, but were not happy with the care she received there. Gracefully Found Care Home is much more than a Personal Care Home, the owners and staff became our family. Our mother was only there a few months before she passed and during that time she received the best care and felt comfortable. It set our minds and hearts at ease knowing she was there. They supported her and us until the very end. They worked seamlessly with the hospice who was managing her care and communicated with us daily. Additionally, the home is very clean and cozy. Mariann and Peter have done an excellent job as well as all of the staff. Your family member will be in good hands here.

- Crystal, daughter

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Gracefully Found Care Home is absolutely the very best Care Home that I have ever seen. The Administrator / Owners have a very caring philosophy and they provide a nurturing environment in the manner in which the facility is run and also in the personal care needed by the residents. The CNA's are wonderful in their daily routine. The owners have a very caring attitude and they exceed routine expectations by providing every resident in a special attentive manner to maximize the resident's experience in a positive way. If the resident has any issues that require special attention, the owners listen and take a methodical approach in solving the issue. The facility is extremely clean, very attractive, and conforms with every possible measure of safety for your loved one. I happened to find this facility and did the research along with other family members. The residents have a call device that summons the CNA and their response is very fast. I highly recommend this facility! 

- Paul, son

Senior Woman

After Independent Living, Assisted Living, and another Care home, we found Gracefully Found through the Hospice that cared for our Mother.  Gracefully Found was the answer to our prayers. While other care facilities provided pretty good care during the day, night service was slim to non-existent. Gracefully Found provided the 24 hour care that our Mother required in the late stages of her life.  Staff is always on duty no matter what time of the day. Not only did Gracefully Found provide the medical and physical support needed by our Mother, they also supported her emotional and spiritual needs.  There are activities every day and also periodic field trips.  The other residents are a joy be around and make it a very social place.  They all enjoy the crafts provided by Gracefully Found.  I know that our Mother was happier there than she had been in a long time. Caring for others is truly a calling for Mariann and her staff.  They made the last few months of our Mother's life much better.  I am so glad we found them and wish it had been sooner.  They are truly doing God's work.

         - Harry, son

Gracefully Found Care Home is pure love. Mariann and Peter Gor have created an atmosphere for their residents that not only addresses all their medical & housing needs, but their social and spiritual needs as well. All the staff are so caring and highly trained to help each resident with their most personal needs, including crafts, community projects for the underprivileged, field trips, cooking, etc. The day and night caregivers are engaging with the residents and provide 24/7 care that is unbelievable. Our Mother lived in several places before we found GFCH. The staff brought out the positives the last 3-1/2 months of her life by surrounding her with  love and peace and at the same time, they let Mother be a blessing to them! It’s hard to put into words the compassion that Mariann and Peter and the staff have for the residents. You just need to walk in the front door to see and feel it!         

         - Beverly, daughter

Senior Woman

Gracefully Found Care Home was definitely an answer to fervent prayers. My sister spent 16 long months in one medical facility after another, had both of her legs amputated during that time, and I was not sure where or how I would find the care she needed and care that met my high expectations. Then came Gracefully Found and Mariann and Peter! I can’t say enough positive things about the facility, the owners, and the caregivers! Sister has absolutely blossomed since she has been with Mariann and Peter! From the first moment I walked in for my first visit, I knew we had found THE place. For the first time in a very long time, I have been able to rest peacefully knowing my sister is loved beyond measure, and that she is receiving the constant quality of care that she deserves. This house is definitely full of love and laughter! In fact, my sister said just today that she’s happier than she’s been in a very long time, and calls GFCH “home”! You can only imagine what that did for my heart. I will forever sing the praises of Gracefully Found, Mariann, Peter, the caregivers, and their hearts for serving others. GFCH is an absolute blessing! 
Thank you, GFCH! 

         - Diane, sister

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Senior Couple

My Mother has thrived since she moved in.  She is so much happier and absolutely loves the Care Team and the other residents.  They are her family too!  In addition, as her daughter, I know she is being well taken care of - I have peace knowing that she is exactly where she needs to be and living the best life she can!  ❤️❤️❤️.  

         - Sheila, daughter

As we move through life, it is difficult to deal with the aging process. One of my besties has been dealing with health issues and has been unable to maintain her independent lifestyle. She has been in so many “nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities “ but was never able to feel AT HOME. That is until she came to GRACEFULLY FOUND CARE HOME. she is so happy! She is more vital and healthier than she has been in over 6 years! Maryann and Peter, along with loving, caring caregivers have welcomed her into their family, included her in their praise of the Lord, encouraged her to share her story of resilience and nurtured her back to a joy of living. This facility is impeccably clean! The caregivers are knowledgeable and helpful. They provide and facilitate medical care. They have celebrations and keep their family members happy and active. If you want to know where NOT to go, or have questions about how wonderful this personal care home is - please feel free to contact me.

         - Armonde, friend