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Do you have a passion to volunteer with the elderly? We welcome all interested persons to fill out the application below to get started with volunteering.

Volunteering is a vital part of what keeps facilities like assisted living homes such as ours engaged with the community and benefits both the volunteer and the residents. Volunteers serve as an extension of our staff because they provide the much needed quality time that our caregivers are not always able to fulfill due to caregiving obligations throughout the day. We are grateful to the volunteers for the time spent with the residents as they thrive on the activities and time spent with them.


At Gracefully Found Care Home our mission is “To help seniors thrive by providing care that comes from the heart in a place that feels like home”. So when it comes to our volunteers we invoke them to share that same heart, making each resident and person involved in their time at GFCH feel loved and at home. We pride ourselves in making sure not only residents but every person who walks through our doors feel at peace and welcomed. Whether a one time volunteer or reoccurring volunteer, we welcome you to the GFCH Family and look forward to working together to make the lives of our dear seniors a great one!

Activities Facilitator
Activities keep the fun spark alive within an assisted living community as a lot of residents are unable to leave the facility. An activities facilitator would serve as the aid or leader in different activities of interest. This position would include helping residents do activities and engage with them. Help set up, and clean up after the project. Providing creative ideas for future activities and events. Collect materials for crafts or projects to complete the activity.

Conversation Partner
As easy as this position sounds, conversation is so essential for living a thriving lifestyle for the elderly. As a conversation partner you would engage in meaningful dialogue with the residents, asking about how they are doing (physically, emotionally, spiritually), talk about their interests and family, or share life stories. Conversation partners are welcome to share personal stories as well with residents to establish friendship and connection.

Devotional Leader
At GFCH we welcome people of faith and encourage practicing their faith through devotionals, prayer, singing, and more. As a devotional leader volunteer, you would initiate and engage residents in faith based activities, helping to provide that spiritual support that many are in need of.

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